Love Assassin is a five-piece rock band from northern New Jersey featuring Dan Avery on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Eric Menist on electric guitar, Will Frazier on drums, Dan Patrick Leal on bass, and Pat McQuillan on guitar and keyboards. Their music is an original blend of driving rock, heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics, and catchy songwriting, displaying both skill in writing and performance as well as having a wide appeal and scope of influences.

Originally formed by Dan Avery and Eric Menist as an acoustic guitar duo, Love Assassin got its start playing covers throughout the New Jersey and New York State bar scenes. It wasn't long before Love Assassin decided to expand to a full band, and in May 2010, they finalized their lineup as a four-piece with the additions of Will Frazier on drums and Dan Patrick Leal on bass.

With a new band behind them, the cover gigs became more frequent, but the band decided to focus their energy on writing original music. After several months of writing and recording, the band developed what is now the Love Assassin sound--songs that range in genre from driving alternative music to soulful melodic rock. In May 2011 Love Assassin brought on Pat McQuillan on guitar and keyboards, adding a fifth member to the band and bringing a completely new element to the music, creating a bigger, fuller, and more layered and textured sound to the music.

With their energetic live performances, magnetic stage presence, and superior musicianship, the band spent the past year building a strong following in northern New Jersey, recently packing such noteworthy venues as Maxwell's in Hoboken and Mexicali Live in Teaneck. Love Assassin has since branched out into the New York City scene, with gigs at venues such as The Bitter End and Mercury Lounge, just to name a few. As their performances pile up and their fan base continues to grow, Love Assassin plans to release their first self-produced, full-length album later this year.

Love Assassin works hard to bring quality music to their fans both in the studio and on the stage, and is fortunate to have fans that return that same dedication and work with people who return the same professionalism. So to all of you who have made and will continue to make Love Assassin's endeavors possible, we thank you!

Duffy's in Paterson, NJ

Mercury Lounge in NYC
11pm / Playing with The Aster Phoenyx Project, the Jay Everett Band, Lisa Bianco, and C-Donte

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