Mr. Carsons, played by Love Assassin at the legendary Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ.

APRIL 2, 2013


Hope you guys have been well since last we checked in! First of all, a very big happy birthday to our singer Dan Avery, and may he have many more.

We are playing a very exciting show with some good friends on Saturday, April 6. It's going to be at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ. We've got our very good friends Elevator Art joining us, and if you haven't taken a peep at these guys' music, you really owe it to yourself to do so. They are amazing and we're very excited to be playing along side them.

Also joining us is the insanely talented Kaleigh Baker and sax man extraordinaire Nate Anderson, who have traveled a very long way to own that stage, and believe us when we say they will bring it down. You don't want to miss this one.

Big shout out to North of Somewhere who will also be joining us this night.

So come on out, enjoy the jam-packed night we have in store for you, and buy Avery a birthday drink for goodness's sake!

- LA

NOVEMBER 21, 2012


This kind of news is always hard to break, but we wanted you to hear it here first: our guitarist, Eric Menist, has parted ways with Love Assassin. Thank you, Eric, for all that you've done for this group - it would not exist in its present form without your work. Eric is starting new ventures in his life and we wish him love and nothing but the best.

On a lighter note - this Friday, November 23, is Mercury Lounge. We've got some new stuff planned for you guys so definitely come out!

Also, we are playing Duffy's in Paterson, NJ tonight - the night before Thanksgiving is always a fun night there and we invite one and all to join.

We'll keep it short this time. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

- LA

SEPTEMBER 27, 2012


Here we go.

First of all, we've had a number of great shows in the past few months. To anyone and everyone who supports what we do, who comes out to a show, who spreads the word, even to anyone who gets a small spring in their step because of this musical endeavor... Thank you. We would have no purpose without you. We would be nothing without you. So thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you.

Last night we came back for a second whack at Amateur Night at the Apollo. And this time we came home with first place. We have pics and videos which will be up soon. So again, thank you to all who supported and we will be back for Round 2 in two weeks!

Coming up this Friday is BB Kings to which you all should come. Reschedule personal plans as necessary. This is gonna be big. We also have the Mercury Lounge coming up as well as another visit to the New York School of Music in Walden NY. Shout out to Donna Hall - we'll be seeing you very soon!!

As always we remain humbly in your gratitude. Now, let's git it.

- LA

JUNE 27, 2012


Two weeks ago we had the privilege of playing the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem, NYC. It was an experience that none of us will ever forget. Check out the official video from the Apollo Website below and please take the time to vote for us increase our chances of being asked back to compete in the Remix Round! Vote For Us On Amateur Night

We Like The Way You Work It :)

- LA

MARCH 14, 2012

Singer-Songwriter Festival and Webster Hall

For the last weekend of March Love Assassin will be playing two dates for the Singer-Songwriter Festival in Cape May, NJ. The first will be at Carney's on March 30 and second will be at Cabana's on March 31. The weather's been looking beautiful so far. If you're in the area on one of these two days definitely come on down as it will be a blast.

We also will be conducting a radio interview during that weekend with WCFA during that weekend as well. Stay tuned for more info on that.

May 4 finds us coming together once again in the Big Apple, this time at the famous Webster Hall in the East Village! This is going to be a big one for us so please keep this date open if you will be in the NY/NJ area.

That will be all.

- LA

DECEMBER 21, 2011

Sullivan Hall and More Updates

We apologize for the lack of updates recently as there is a lot going on. Which is a good thing. The website is overdue so let's fix that right now.

First of all, Sullivan Hall was a huge success. This was our last hurrah for the year of 2011, and we couldn't have asked for a better show. The venue was great, sound and lighting were spot on. Kaleigh Baker and Your Sister's Canary KILLED it up as would be expected. And most importantly the turnout was fantastic!! That place was packed. Thank you to all who came out and we promise more great things in the future. In the meantime here are some videos that were taken at Sullivan Hall. The first video, "Black Crow," is a new song and this is the first live recording we have of it. Enjoy:

There were also a number of fantastic shots taken that night which you can find on the gallery section. Big ups to Julianne Karr and Mr. Leal for these pics!!

Anyway that's all we got for now. Wishing everyone a happy holiday and New Year! Another year gone by. Have fun, keep safe, and we will see you on the other side of 2012!

- LA

Duffy's in Paterson, NJ

Mercury Lounge in NYC
11pm / Playing with The Aster Phoenyx Project, the Jay Everett Band, Lisa Bianco, and C-Donte

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